3 Reasons why you should be Traveling Solo!

3 Reasons why you should be Traveling Solo!

by Trevor June 17, 2017 2 comments

Have the words “Traveling Solo” scared you at any point in your life? Sure, traveling with a buddy is always fun (I agree), Scared of it being too dangerous? boring? lonely? Think again…


On a beautiful sunshiny day in Prague, I found myself waiting at the corner of Námēstí Miru, taking pictures of the gorgeous Kostel sv. Ludmily (Church of Saint Ludmila).

Kostel sv. Ludmily in Prague (Traveling Solo)

Kostel sv. Ludmily in Prague

It was about 12PM, and I couldn’t help but look out for restaurants in the area, well, because it was lunch time! I walked into Bruxx (thanks to the recommendation of a beautiful friend I made) – a cozy Belgian Bistro overlooking the church. A beautiful waitress approached me.

Bruxx in Prague (Traveling Solo)

Bruxx in Prague

“Welcome to Bruxx, would you like to sit in or do a takeaway?”

(Still stunned at how gorgeous she was), I stammered “Um, a table for two, please. My backpack and myself”

“Follow me”, she smiled and guided me through the not so busy, but chattery bistro. “This is perfect”, I said, sitting at a table for four.

Inside Bruxx (Traveling Solo)

Inside Bruxx

“Would you be expecting any other guests?”, she asked curiously, as I started gazing down on the menu. “No, no. It’ll just be myself and my appetite for lunch today” I smirked.

That afternoon, I ended up ordering a beautiful fruit beer, a starter, three entrées, a dessert and an espresso. She was shocked when she came to clear the table “I can’t believe you actually finished everything!”

“Ummm…I skipped breakfast!” I defended myself.


As I walked through the streets of Prague, crossed the Charles Bridge over the Vltava River to the Malá Strana (Lesser Town) to singing tunes of reminiscence with the guitarist at the Lennon Wall, to just sitting and soaking in the beautiful talent of the  street musicians on the steps to the Prague Castle, I thought of the many reasons that I actually liked to dine alone for lunch that day. Here are three (out of many) reasons why Solo Travel is just simple awesome!

Traveling Solo = Dining Solo

Nothing is better than pairing your trip with food explorations. After all, that is one of the many gifts that traveling bestows upon you. Its all about learning new cultures, and experiencing a different way of life, and getting out of that comfort zone, or as some would say “Go socialize! Make new friends!”

One thing about traveling alone, is the unfortunate fact that you may (for most of the time) find yourself dining alone. Yes, there is an alternative where you meet fellow foodies while sitting with a single plate at a restaurant. However, solo dining doesn’t have to be all that bad.

Continuing from the story above, I shocked myself when I placed an order for what seemed to feed four guests. Did I do it because I was hungry? (Well, sort of, yes) Did I do it because I was on a big budget? (Sort of, yes) Did I do it because I wanted to try everything possible? (YES!)

Let’s face it! Every time we head to a restaurant with a group of friends, or company in general, we always limit ourselves to ordering a dish that can feed a sparrow. Solo dining gives you the flexibility? to order how much ever you want, no judgments in question! In fact, it is also quite common to dine like a civilized human being. But when you’re alone, you don’t really need to do that. This is what my table looked like.

This may probably be a good time to check out my post on why Food should be an Essential part of Travel

Traveling Solo means Freedom to Explore Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime!

The beauty about traveling alone, is that you never have to succumb to anyone’s schedule. Be it a visit to the museum, or a walk across Charles Bridge, the saying ” whatever floats your boat” is most suitably implied here. Traveling Solo is quite surely about not planing an itinerary. Let me explain this…

After my excessively filling lunch, I walked towards Malá Strana, about an hour away from the place I was staying at. It was a bit intimidating, I agree. New town, new faces, places completely unheard of. But being lost was the beauty of this entire trip! I was absolutely sure I wouldn’t find my way back home that night. But then again, the numerous sights I saw that evening…

Speaking of the Prague Castle, I was walking from the steps, and found this…

I sat on those steps for over 30 minutes, until I walked towards the Lennon Wall and found a man playing the guitar. I found myself stationed there for over an hour.

“Getting lost” was fun, no doubt. Just the thrill of wondering what might happen, was exciting! I did find my way back home in one piece. I probably have gotten fluent with maps of Eastern Europe. There was one thing that was quite amazing though, it was the metro…

A ride to the centre of the earth (a full 10 minutes on this escalator) (Traveling Solo)

A ride to the centre of the earth (a full 10 minutes on this escalator)

Můstek Station (Traveling Solo)

Můstek Station

Another 10 minutes to the surface of earth (Traveling Solo)

Another 10 minutes to the surface of earth

On my way back, as I crossed numerous streets and tried to keep up with my act of balancing, I couldn’t help but click a picture of this…

Night shot of Kostel sv. Ludmily in Prague (Remember the daytime shot?) (Traveling Solo)

Night shot of Kostel sv. Ludmily in Prague (Remember the daytime shot?)

Traveling Solo is all about Finding a FAMILY on the way!

A big misconception of traveling solo, is the fact that your entire trip is about being alone. That’s not quite true. With the two adventures I mentioned above, I met countless number of people (albeit, majority of who were very kind enough to give me directions), but a big handful, to sit down and just have a nice coffee with!

Traveling is all about exploring, right? Finding new places to eat, new cultures, new attractions, new ways of life. The thing is, you don’t have to do it alone. You find dozens of like-minded individuals who are on the same wavelength as yourself. All confused, all thirst for new discoveries. It is safe to say that, traveling solo…doesn’t really have to be solo.

What would be your top reasons to always head out traveling solo?

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Sweta Bisht July 13, 2017 - 12:03 pm

Hey, I really like this one. And it’s true a lot of people think travelling solo is about being alone. When in fact it’s the exact opposite. Really loved this post.

Trevor July 13, 2017 - 2:05 pm

Thank you so much for the kind words Sweta! Glad you loved it!! 😁


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