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The Dining Room - Iftaar Launch

Iftaar at The Dining Room | Jannah Burj Al Sarab

With the close-approaching Holy month of Ramadan, a few questions on the list would be along the lines of finding a good restaurant that serves Iftaar. With the privilege of experiencing a sneak preview at The Dining Room’s Iftaar Launch, I must say that the food is sure to impress! Tables decked with lanterns, and extremely courteous staff to pour you a nice glass of Jallab or Laban, perhaps even with an assortment of dates, dried fruits and nuts!

Dining at The Dining Room (see what I did there) for the second time was quite uplifting. The quality of food put out was definitely good! Standing in line at the buffet, we humbled ourselves and held on to the plates to see what was in store for us.

Iftaar Launch at The Dining Room
Iftaar Launch at The Dining Room

Starting out with soups (a choice of Lentil and Tomato), the salad station features an array of different Arabic treats that go from Hummus to Moutabel to Fattoush to an interesting take on Muhammara. It was a bit hard to stop with just one plate, since I valued one thing at this buffet – and that everything was definitely fresh! Apart from a selection of olives on the table, this buffet also serves some good Falafel and Sambousek!

The Salad Station
The Salad Station

Moving on to main course did give us a few interesting takes. The buffet did feature a good selection dishes like an Oriental Grill, Grilled Fish, a Chicken Biryani as well as Beef Tenderloin in Mushroom Sauce. Something I did take notice in, was The Dining Room’s effort to provide its guests with a good variety and selection of dishes.

The Dining Room - Iftaar Launch
The Dining Room – Iftaar Launch

Last but not least were the desserts, where we got a humongous array to select from. From cakes to tarts to an Um Ali, we couldn’t really ask for more.

Desserts at The Dining Room - Iftaar Launch
Desserts at The Dining Room – Iftaar Launch

Of course, the entire presentation of this menu will be available with the dawn of the Ramadan season, during which guests can enjoy this succulent feast at the Janna Burj Al Sarah! With a live cooking station for fresh homemade Shawarma and a variety of Italian Pastas, this is not a buffet a miss out.