Italian dinner at Frankie’s at Fairmont enriched with Pasta e Basta

Italian dinner at Frankie’s at Fairmont enriched with Pasta e Basta

by Trevor November 28, 2016 3 comments

In all honesty, its quite difficult to pull apart an Italian restaurant and call it the best restaurant in the world (only because there are thousands, if not millions). Located at the beautiful Khor Al Maqta with a picturesque view of the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr is quite certainly an amazing opportunity to get lost in tranquility and peacefulness. Completely lined with glass, the hotel also features a very beautiful walk along the beach. Thanks to the weather that day, it was une journée de la perfection. 

At the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr (Credits to

At the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr (Credits to

Apart from the gorgeous setting, and the array of dining options it offers, we happened to take an unexpected visit at one of the hotel’s featured Italian restaurants – Frankie’s. The reason why I call this unexpected is because, the beautiful team at Fairmont did entice us to visit the restaurant on a very special occasion! Coincidentally, the team at Pasta e Basta, in Amsterdam, had a very special appearance at Frankie’s that night. And all means…it was a spectacular night!

The team of Pasta e Basta at Frankie's (Credits to Fairmont Bab Al Bahr)

The team of Pasta e Basta at Frankie’s (Credits to Fairmont Bab Al Bahr)

So what was the big deal about Pasta e Basta?

If you know me, I am a big big BIG fan of live music most preferably, anywhere! (Yes, even in the shower – the acoustics are just so much better in there). The team (pictured above), was brought in to Frankie’s to host a sort of “Singing Waiters Event”. Yes, they were wait staff who basically served us food! Imagine that! Oh and it kept going on with the classics from Frank Sinatra to Opera to even Happy Birthday (Yes, it was someone’s birthday that night).

In summary, they were honestly…mind blowing! And to pair that with beautiful Italian food…there’s a specific reason why I called that day une journée de la perfection. 

Before we proceed, I feel the dire need to inform my readers that the photos may be of low quality compared to my previous posts, since they were shot only by my iPhone, so please bear with me this time, as I had mentioned, it was a very unexpected call to this event. Nonetheless, I have still worked on capturing the right angles!

 A bit about Frankie’s Italian Restaurant & Bar (the night we dined)

Frankie’s is an absolutely amazing Italian restaurant that features amazing Italian food with really amazing service, and I can definitely vouch for that. As we were warmly greeted by the team at Frankie’s, as well as the team of Pasta e Basta, we sat down with an…amazement. This amazement was particularly drawn from two very striking things – the beautiful “wood-fire-pizza-oven-bar” at one corner of the restaurant, and the grand piano at the other corner.

Sitting down with the menu was a slightly confusing affair as we were distracted (in a good way), by the amazing Pasta e Basta team! As we entered…

They were amazing weren’t they! Well, this was just a snippet of what we were entering into. Pretty amazed by this live performance, we went on to order a few chillers.

Mocktail at Frankie's

Mocktail at Frankie’s

The mocktail was a basic edited version of a mojito, to be slightly on the sweeter side…and it taste absolutely fantastic. But I’m not here for the drinks am I? Let’s get on with the food (and the music)…But before the starters, were greeted a fresh bread basket!

Fresh Bread Basket with Olive Tapenade, Basil Pesto and a slight version of a Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto at Frankie's

Fresh Bread Basket with Olive Tapenade, Basil Pesto and a slight version of a Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto at Frankie’s

Well, I know its just bread, but the focaccia was absolutely divine! Absolutely soft and perfect warm, the focaccias has just the right amount of olive oil glazed in it. Smearing this along with the trio of dips was an absolute match made in heaven! I can’t really talk a lot about bread and pesto, but this just needs to be tried out – even if its just for this and the music!


For starters, we called on a combination of dishes that were both miles apart from each other, and were fairly beautiful dishes on to observe the story being told by the chef.

Burrata stuffed Scallops at Frankie's

Burrata stuffed Scallops at Frankie’s

Aren’t we all big fans of Burrata? Aren’t we all bigger fans of Scallops? Put them together and you have – heaven! Three pieces of perfectly seared scallops, stuffed with Burrata cheese was just one of the most amazing combinations ever! Did I say they were perfectly seared? Yes, the were, seared well enough to a point where the meat inside was still moist, and the cheese was melting. Put on a bed of what goes on top of a bruschetta, I’d actually like if there was some basil in it. However, needless to say…the scallops on its own were amazing!

Beef Carpaccio at Frankie's

Beef Carpaccio at Frankie’s

I guess I was the bold one to go ahead and order this dish. It was…spectacular! And I’m not simply saying that, but the meat itself was quite perfectly melt-in-the-mouth. Topped with rocket, and randomly drizzled with a combination of goodies (nuts, sundried tomatoes, what looked like edamame beans and many more trinkets), last but not least, garnished with slices of Parmesan. It took me quite a while to down this dish, but I eventually got there…and hey, there came up a Pasta e Basta performance again!

The Mains

The choices from the menu at Frankie’s can be very intimating. On one side of your mind, you’d be pro to trying out a pizza from the wood-fire-oven. One another side, you’d want to try out one of the amazing pastas. On probably another side, you’d want to go with something bold like steak or a grilled fish. However, on that very night, Frankie’s was doing something special in the pasta department. A Tagliolini tossed in Veal Jus topped with White Truffle. Say it again and see how it sounds. Now you know why I ordered it.


This Tagliolini was immaculate. Topped with white truffle, it couldn’t get any better! The Veal Jus was just amazing as well. Well-coated with the pasta, oh boy…this was definitely heaven. The thing about this dish was that, yes granted, it didn’t have chunks of meat or veggies. However, it was a dish to appreciate the simple flavors of Veal Jus, and most of all, the White Truffle!

Grilled Atlantic Salmon with Asparagus and a Herb Vinaigrette at Frankies

Grilled Atlantic Salmon with Asparagus and a Herb Vinaigrette at Frankie’s

First thing’s first. This salmon dish was incredibly gorgeous to look at! Beautiful orange color expressed by the fish and the vinaigrette, to contrast a rich green color from the asparagus. To be honest, it did feel very tempting to just put this plate in the showcase…however, we had to taste! The fish was a tard, just a tiny, bit dry, but with the vinaigrette it did seem like a really good combination! Perfectly spiced, the vinaigrette has just the right amount of “tanginess” to pair with the salmon.


For all those who know me, I am on the hunt for the best Tiramisu. Without tasting all the millions in the world, I don’t think I can write about the best tiramisu I’ve encountered, in this lifetime. However, I will say that I’ll definitely make room for the “Top 5” or the “Top 10”, and Frankie’s is definitely on the list!

Tiramisu Trio (Classic, Amaretto & Amarena) at Frankie's

Tiramisu Trio (Classic, Amaretto & Amarena) at Frankie’s

This Tiramisu Trio version at Frankie’s is quite perfect for anyone looking to try a bit of different versions of the dessert. While the basis is of a rich and creamy sabayon, the different toppings on the three add a bit of mystery in each spoon! The addition of liquers on top adds that touch of flavor in which the biscuits would be soaked in. Of course, it strays away a bit from the original classic. However, it can definitely work up on the list of “Modern Takes on the Tiramisu”! Definitely is a must try.



Let’s move on to another highlight…


Tortino di cioccolato, gelato alla vaniglia at Frankie's

Tortino di cioccolato, gelato alla vaniglia at Frankie’s

Well, I do apologise for the Italian caption on the above picture but I’m sure you guessed it correctly – Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream. That’s right! Now a small (inside) hunt with a fellow blogger at Out and About UAE, I must say we’ve found an amazing chocolate fondant. Again, its hard to say which is the best out there. Nonetheless, Frankie’s version is amazing! Yes, Amazing! The Ice Cream is of a soft and rich vanilla homemade flavor. The fondant, once broken, oozes out this perfect chocolate lava inside it while wrapped with a cake that’s just amazing!

I’m definitely going to go ahead and say this – but Tiramisu and the Chocolate Fondant at Frankie’s – definitely two things on you “Must-Eat” list!

Hey! It’s been long since we heard Past e Basta!

Sweeter Endings

Dining at Frankie’s (thanks to Pasta e Basta) was absolutely amazing! I’m gonna mark my calendar to sit outdoors, and definitely try out the Lamb Chops next! Also, me visiting Amsterdam has definitely included the event of me dining at Pasta e Basta!

Would just like to say a huge thank you to the Pasta e Basta team, the team at Frankie’s (especially Sheldon & Mel), and of course, to Fairmont!


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