My Story

This is my story as a skilled foodie and a traveler.

ICCA Chef of the Batch

Born in Mangalore, India and raised in the land of the desert, the multicultural diversity of UAE has been of abundant inspiration to me ever since the beginning of time (actually, at the age when I could start biting solid food). Growing up with memories of my grandfather (the great chef) whose skills were passed on to my beautiful mother (the best chef) with techniques of baking taught by my talented father (the amazing chef), I pushed myself to embrace the magic behind food and a million reasons to love it even more.

It all started with…Mom’s Lasagne. Constantly trying to enter the kitchen and help “give the stew a stir”, I developed my pallet and learnt how to play with flavors. It wasn’t long before I seared my first steak dinner with a spoonful of creamy mashed potatoes at home. Everyone went “Wow! You should become a chef!”

Insalata Caprese | Lasagne Bolognaise | Tiramisu Cheesecake

Insalata Caprese | Lasagne Bolognaise | Tiramisu Cheesecake

Despite my love for this profession, it was of best interest to graduate with a Mechanical Engineering degree. However, with the numerous comments I received after several bake sales in University, I solely wanted to pursue my passion for food, and found myself registering for a commercial food production course! Taught by renowned and talented chefs, I picked up a myriad of skills and techniques that gave meaning to “Why what goes in the pot, when it goes in the pot”.

While my love for the Italian Cuisine grew fonder as I learnt to knead fresh pasta dough, I stepped into Giorgio Locatelli’s kitchen – Ronda Locatelli at Atlantis the Palm. Rolling and shaping over 20 kilos of 8 types of pasta a day and the opportunity to deal with ingredients locally imported from Italy, not to forget the number of casseroles of Lasagne I served, was the best experience I could ask for in this lifetime. Taking this knowledge of the kitchen’s operation, I finally (with a heartful of pain) decided to sit on the other side of the pass and experience a chef’s work of art.

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him…the people who give you their food give you their heart.


Cesar Chavez

I am now a Food & Travel Blogger for where I share all about my food adventures and experiences in the country and around the world. Of course, with my nifty Fuji XT-2, I use my skills in photography to demonstrate these experiences with (preferably) a lot of depth of field! It’s a bit hard to avoid those dreamy closeup shot of freshly grated parmesan cheese, but hey, I’m going to try to make this blog as salivating as possible, so you get to sit with me at the table. And hey, if you want to join me, you can always just Contact Me!

Now the wanderlust in me came about on my first trip to Europe in 2016. And after a bunch of life-changing events – that point where I had to sleep in a dorm of 8 people and share a shower that had only toilet paper, I realized I couldn’t get enough of it! (But of course, I’ll save the rest of the story for the blog).

~ with Trevor ~