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Me at the Lennon Wall, Praguu

Why your next Travel Diary should be centered around Food!



If you haven’t already read “Why your next Travel Diary should be centered around Food!” that was featured on the ICCA Blog – do go ahead and click on this link – You may need to read it understand the post below…


This blog post is a slightly extended version of my thoughts on Food Travel Diaries…

Travel, as we all know, is something that’s taken a prime spot on all our bucket lists. Ranging from Travelling the World to specific countries (for specific reasons), there’s absolutely no harm in buying a plane ticket when you randomly find yourself at the airport. The joy, the thrill, the exhilarating pump of adrenaline when you step on board an aircraft bound to a new destination (or even a destination you have been to before).


This is however, a lot more than just “Travelling for namesake” or perhaps getting the opportunity to change your Facebook status as Travelling to — from –. While I may not be an “experienced” or “seasoned” traveler, there are a few things which I urge you to focus on. And while it may not be stereotypical, if you’re still young at heart, keep the sightseeing for the honeymoon trip. There’s a few specific reasons why Traveling should be centered around food. A few of those reason are mentioned in the ICCA Blog post. And since I did promise an extension of that, I thought of coming up with a small checklist…

Checklist for the Traveler


  • Travel Light. Stick to one travel bag (maybe a duffel), and pack light. So that would be probably 60 or 70% of the clothes you need for an entire stay. (Don’t worry, there will surely be some sort of self-service laundry wherever you go).



  • Don’t carry a notebook (unless its your diary). Make sure your camera is obviously fully charged, and you carry all the right cables to juice up your phone. Take pictures, lots of it. And if you need help with memorizing an experience, take a video log.



  • Plan. Yes we all know that failing to plan is planning to fail. And for good reason. Look up on places (restaurants) you’d like to visit, and try to find out what the “locals” recommend best. Also, and if it fits your budget, try to add a visit to any Michelin-starred restaurant. Well, since you’re in another country, why not!



  • Stay in Hostels. Hostels are where you meet people, make new friends and learn at least 60% about the place. Moreover, you’ll learn about thing that fit your budget.



  • Lastly, do something crazy. Like taking a cruise, or bungy jumping, or something a bit more PG. Well you’re miles away from home, so why not?!



And of course…have fun while you’re at it!

Just remember to have bucket loads of memories before you return…


Me at the Lennon Wall, Prague
Me at the Lennon Wall, Prague

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