Opening up shutter with Trevor

by Trevor October 30, 2016 0 comment

Hey there fellow readers! With a bit of debate and confusing arguments in my mind, I have opened up my “photography” section called shutter with Trevor. It’s got quite a few features from the blog itself, but of course, in time will work to independently develop it. The photography website focuses primarily on Food, Portraiture (still to be updated) as well as Street Photography. Of course now it’s still in the growing stage, which is why there are not many pictures up. However, with time, I will keep adding more and more!

I’ve added the link to the main page of this blog (as you can see the word “shutter” on top) , while you can also access it here at . You can also contact me via the dedicated email ID – .

Now a few things to keep in mind are:

  1. shutter with Trevor is just a brand derived from with Trevor
  2. shutter with Trevor encompasses all the copyright terms as per the Right Usage Terms. Of course the page will have one soon.
  3. The website is still in development, but I have tried to perfect it as much as possible – so if you do encounter any bugs or glitches, do let me know!
  4. Lastly, enjoy it!

Hope you’ll like it!


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