How was Taste of Abu Dhabi 2016?

How was Taste of Abu Dhabi 2016?

by Trevor November 15, 2016 3 comments

Quite frankly one of the best food festivals ever! Yes, the weather seemed a bit harsh, but as the sun set, it was time to think of only the food! With a spectacular location, over-looking the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Taste of Abu Dhabi 2016 was amazing! Managed to conjure up a small snippet below…

Simply put – it was a spectacular weekend that showcased some of the best of food. With highlighting features from the Etihad’s Chef’s Theatre, I would like to congratulate Chef André Gerrits (‘t Amsterdammertje, Amsterdam) for winning the Taste the World competition, as well as all the Chef finalists who put on an intriguing and very informative battle at the events. These include Pascal Aussignac (Club Gascon, London), Michael Hunter (Antler Restaurant, Toronto), Andrea Provenzani (Il Liberty, Milan), Vitaly Tikhonov (G.Graf, Moscow), Siu Hin Chi (Duddell’s, Hong Kong), Scott Bridger (Bib & Tucker and May Street Larder, Perth), Sylvestre Wahid (Restaurant Sylvestre, Paris), Francesco Apreda (Imàgo, Rome) and Nelly Robertson (nel., Sydney). Of course, none of this would be possible without the awesome organizers of this competition – Etihad Airways

Not to forget Team ICCA who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event possible, as well as all the restaurants and exhibitors of the event!

And last but not least, of course the main organizers of the event – Taste Festivals! Pretty sure I’ll find my way at Taste of Dubai as well!

I will be putting up a few 1-on-1 interviews with some of the chefs I had the privilege to shake hands with it.

Until then…stay tuned…


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