Two inspirations made me bake a Pie!

Two inspirations made me bake a Pie!

by Trevor February 19, 2017 0 comment

It’s quite simple isn’t it – Pie! I mean, it’s just filling in a shortcrust pastry. Correct? Wrong! Honestly speaking, it’s a lot more than just that. A good pie is the essence of a great pastry chef (apart from cakes and muffins). The secret lies within the texture of that shortcrust. I mean sure, you can always go to the closest supermarket and pick up a frozen pie crust and a can of filling. Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the “kitchen-deserving” mess of flour sprinkled all over the floor. The scent of butter that moisturizes your hands (which I think is where Cocoa Buttercream came from). That aroma of filling – be it either pecans or banana walnut or blueberries or even apple! Don’t the humble and simple pie deserve a lot more effort?  Well yes, we can always buy a slice from a bakery, but then again, remember…

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.

– Julia Child

And that’s the joy about cooking at home! Cooking with fresh ingredients that could churn up wonders in your kitchen and save you a lot, instead of just “buying it from out”. Well today’s blog post combines a “sprinkle” of this, with a “dusting” of two (actually three) inspirations to “bake” a warm, beautiful and humble pie.

Two (or three) Inspirations

I’m quite sure we’ve heard the term Pie from various sources. Some of which include [F.R.I.E.N.D.S.] Monica’s participation in a pie-eating contest…

Monica's Pie-eating Contest (Credits to

Monica’s Pie-eating Contest (Credits to

The first

However, last night,  there was a movie called “Waitress” that played on TV. Featuring the gorgeous Keri Russel (as Jenna Hunterson), the Waitress is a comedy-drama that portrays a pie contest winner, Jenna, who becomes the owner of a diner that serves brightly colored pies to customers and friends. More than just the abundance of pie references in the movie, I couldn’t help but stare in wonderment how gorgeous every pie looked. I could (almost) smell it through the television.

Scene from the Waitress (Credits to

Scene from the Waitress (Credits to

Scene from the Waitress (Credits to

Scene from the Waitress (Credits to

Ain’t that simply gorgeous!

The second (and third)

Thanks to a few motivational words from the mother about the “benefits of baking”, and the embedded idea of a dear friend of trying out the best quiche in Abu Dhabi, I went ahead an looked up a few “Pie Tutorials”. Chef John from Food Wishes probably has THE BEST, period, video recipes ever! I guess it’s probably his style of commentary, but for some reason he makes everything sound so simple (which it is), and fun! (He’s one of my mentors by the way).

Any who, with further ado, I looked up on the video of his famous Pecan Pie. And while pecans are definitely the favorite of the household, I guess the month of February just holds them too expensive – since April is the national Pecan month (according to him). With a bit of grocery shopping, I found Bananas and Walnuts to be a much economical alternate, and hey the resulting dish was actually delicious! As you know, I wasn’t ready to just buy a pie shell and make a filling – oh no no. I had to make the crust by myself. I strongly suggest following the below tutorial for it –

While mine did turn out a bit flakey than usual, but it still turned out pretty darn well!

For the filling of Banana and Walnut, I followed his Pecan Pie tutorial, and by all means it turned out fantastic!

Skipping the egg yolk part, the rest of the procedure was pretty much the same, while I just eyeballed every ingredient. Prep time is just under 45 minutes, and cooking time of 45 minutes at 170C. When the oven doors open, the entire house was filled with the rich comforting aroma of “Banana Walnut Pie”. Perhaps its a way to save on scented candles, I suppose.

While I’m writing this blog post with a spoon of pie in my mouth, I can only but RECOMMEND you try this out at home!


Until next time…

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