Why Complicate the Eggnog?

by Trevor December 20, 2017 0 comment
Egg? nog? Eggnog? Huh?

As we all may have heard around, Eggnog is a popular (and quite old) awesome drink that’s served during Christmas. A spiked milk-egg custard in a rich and luscious liquid form, topped with nutmeg (and cinnamon!). Think of it as a milky “punch”. One that isn’t served in one of those red plastic college sorority cups, rather in a thick glass tumbler. Probably the perfect way to enjoy this is by a roaring fire with some roasted chestnuts – definitely is a conversation starter, yes?

The thought of it solely being a milk and egg yolk cocktail with a bit of booze in it can be a bit, well, hard to swallow. But when ever those moments did come by to help mother in the kitchen, didn’t we love the taste of that raw cake batter? Don’t you wish you never had to bake the cake, and whine that baking it would actually ruin it? How about that custard she’d make on the hob? Well, an eggnog is essentially the same thing, but a bit more – boozy.

Food Wishes

Chef John from Food Wishes quite beautifully shows us how to make this amazingly rich, thick and creamy eggnog for this season, and I have only but positive things to explain why I shared that particular link. First of all, it is it so easy to do! Making an eggnog is all about making a custard, cooling it down, and whipping it up with egg whites – how can you go wrong there? Secondly, and I am quite sure you’d agree with me, Chef John is just awesome at how he delivers his video recipes. I would like to add that I do take a lot of inspiration for my recipes from him, because he does break down those complicated and (to some) presumably daunting fears of entering a kitchen into simple and easy to follow steps.

Eggnog / No Recipes

Eggnog / No Recipes

Why Eggnog? Why not Turkey or Ham?

The whole reason for a making a fuss about the Eggnog, was to find something simple to make this year! (All the procrastinations!). As you can see from the recipe, it barely takes a few minutes to whisk up. And once you are done, all you need to do is chill it in a fridge, and turn on the TV. Moreover, I am quite sure that  majority of us have been committed to various brunches and lunches and dinners for Christmas Day. Don’t we find it easier to succumb to “offers” from takeout restaurants? And while this may (or may not) be a very special Festive Season this year for you, it still doesn’t justify not entering the kitchen!

Which is why I am thinking of doing a series of a Christmas Posts till the big day. Of course, I am always open to suggestions! My next post would consist of a few ideas on what an awesome and simple Christmas Menu can/should consist of! Do you have any specific recipes or dishes in mind you’d want me to talk more about?

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